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If you're like us, your digital life is one big, fast news feed. Some of this news is messed up. How to Help works in the news cycle to connect you with ways to do something about the day's big stories.

What Will We Do With Our Grief?

What Will We Do With Our Grief?

Today we mourn.  Tomorrow, perhaps we'll decide enough shooting is enough.

Las Vegas was the site of a horrific mass shooting late last night, the deadliest in modern American history.

64 year old Stephen Paddock used at least one automatic weapon - he had eight stashed in his hotel room - to kill at least 58 and injure more than 500 souls at an open air concert.

How to help the victims and their families

*We send our deepest condolences to every impacted person.  We'll update this post soon with more ways to support victims and their families.

In the meantime, you can donate to a general victims' fund established by the Chair of the Clark County Commission.

If you're in Las Vegas, you can donate blood at United Blood Services.

How to help prevent this from happening again

As Igor Volsky tweeted after the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, too many of our leaders offer too many thoughts and prayers and too little action after too many campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association.

More than 33,000 people are fatally shot each year in the United States.  The NRA spent more than $30 million in the 2016 presidential campaign. They're getting the lax gun laws they've paid for (most recently, a repeal of the Obama Administration rule that sought to limit gun access for people with mental illness).

Connect with and support gun control groups as they fight enormous odds against a well-funded NRA:

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
Everytown for Gun Safety
Stop Handgun Violence
Violence Policy Center
Americans for Responsible Solutions

Sign this petition to stop pending legislation that would roll back gun silencer safety laws.

Also, the Women's March has recently taken on the NRA's race-baiting (namely, this ad).  Read the Women's March open letter to the NRA.

Stand with Jemele Hill

Stand with Jemele Hill

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