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How to Help Honor Erica Garner's Legacy

How to Help Honor Erica Garner's Legacy

The Garner family is again facing unspeakable tragedy.

Erica Garner – the daughter of Eric Garner, who was killed in 2014 by a NYPD chokehold - suffered a serious, asthma-related heart attack on Christmas Eve.

She died on Saturday.

She was just 27 years old and a mom of two young kids.

Erica Garner had been a prominent organizer for police accountability in New York City, coming out to protest every Tuesday and Thursday in the year after her father’s death.

Her work and her family were recently profiled in a 3-minute ad produced by the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign and a 4-minute video by the Marshall Project and the New Yorker.

How to help Erica Garner's family and celebrate her memory

Read Adrienne Maree Brown's prayer for Erica Garner

Share messages of support for Erica Garner's family on Twitter via the #EricaGarner hashtag.

Donate to Erica Garner's GoFundMe campaign, initially established to support her work for justice for her father.

Learn more about the Eric Garner case in this New York Times article and Matt Taibbi's new book I Can't Breathe: A Killing on Bay Street.

Urge Mayor Bill de Blasio to remove Officer Daniel Pantaleo from the NYPD payroll.  Officer Pantaleo was not indicted, even though the medical examiner ruled Eric Garner's death a homicide.  According to Think Progress, before killing Eric Garner, he had previously been accused of 7 disciplinary complaints and 14 individual allegations.

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