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First We Marched

First We Marched

Fresh off the massive Women's March, the plan for this Women's History Month is to make history as much as commemorate it.

The big day:  March 8.

That when women around the world will lead an International Women's Strike.

Women's March organizers are also planning a Day Without a Woman in solidarity.

Ways to participate include taking the day off of paid or unpaid work, wearing red in solidarity, and avoiding shopping (or shopping at local women- and minority-owned businesses).

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How to help promote gender equality in the Trump era

Join the International Women's Strike on March 8.  Check out the platform and ways to participate.

Join the Day Without a Woman, also on March 8. Organizers call it a "one-day demonstration of economic solidarity."

Want to be on the 2020 ticket down-ballot from Oprah? Emily's List puts it this way: "So you’ve laced up your shoes and marched. You’ve fired off emails and posts. And you’ve got your congressional leaders on speed dial. What’s next? We need you to Run to Win." Connect with Emily's List to learn how to run or support others running.

Men's fashion tip: get a T-shirt or trucker hat that says "This is what a feminist looks like."

What else is planned for this month? Let us know.

People Power

People Power

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