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If you're like us, your digital life is one big, fast news feed. Some of this news is messed up. How to Help works in the news cycle to connect you with ways to do something about the day's big stories.

Inside Game

Inside Game

Their current boss is bringing something out in government employees.

First the park rangers went rogue.

Then nearly 1000 State Department staff signed a dissent cable against the Muslim ban.

Department of Labor employees basically just recited the Carl's Jr. guy's own words to explain their opposition to his nomination.

Most recently, current EPA officials held public protests and 450 former EPA officials sent a letter about just how bad Scott Pruitt would be to lead the agency.

That's like if 99% of scientists agreed climate change is real.

We've said it before: taking stands like these can be risky for anyone who works for a guy whose claim to fame is firing people.

How to support conscientious public servants

Follow @AltUSEPA on Twitter to get the real deal from current EPA staff.

Sign this petition to Secretary Rex Tillerson in support of State Department employees who signed the dissent cable.

Read My Lips:  No New Tax Returns

Read My Lips: No New Tax Returns

Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights