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President Bannon?

President Bannon?

Former Breitbart publisher and current White House advisor Stephen Bannon has held the pen (with the aid of the similarly unhinged Stephen Miller) on Trump's immigration orders. Read one chilling portrait of Bannon here.

Bannon's own words haven't been helping as the White House tries to explain why the Muslim ban isn't a Muslim ban.

USA Today dug up some audio, and last week, Cecilia Vega of ABC News pressed the White House on it: "Steve Bannon can be heard on recording saying Islam is a dark religion, not a religion of peace, a religion of submission. Does the president share his chief strategist's apparent beliefs on Islam? ... Nothing about this comment that the president wants to distance himself from, or even elaborate on?"

Bannon now has a seat on the National Security Council, and some members of Congress have sent a letter demanding he be removed.

But another strategy is emerging.

How to help make Bannon > Trump in the eyes of Trump

Trump biographer Timothy O'Brien has a theory: the most important thing to Donald J. Trump is himself. Anyone who gets in the way of that could have a problem.

There's an low-grade campaign to help make Bannon bigger than Trump, at least in the eyes of Trump.

Last week, the New York Times kicked off the trolling with its op-ed, President Bannon?

Time magazine got in on the action, featuring Bannon rather than Trump on its latest cover.

This weekend, Saturday Night Live portrayed Bannon as both Grim Reaper andPresident.

Who knows if this is causing Trump to lose any sleep? But he did tweet "I call my own shots" at 4:07 this morning :)

Head over to Twitter and perhaps @realdonaldtrump will see your own #PresidentBannon tweets.

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