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If you're like us, your digital life is one big, fast news feed. Some of this news is messed up. How to Help works in the news cycle to connect you with ways to do something about the day's big stories.

I Was A Stranger And You Welcomed Me

I Was A Stranger And You Welcomed Me

As feared, it happened. 

There are things you can do to help. Crisis mode may make for denser reading today :(

On Friday evening (after commemorating International Holocaust Remembrance Day while failing to mention Jews), Trump ordered the Muslim ban and more:

• A 120 day moratorium on refugees entering the United States
• Prioritization of Christian refugees who do eventually enter the United States
• An indefinite ban on Syrian refugees
• A 90 day ban on immigration from seven majority-Muslim countries
• New limits on legal immigration (including capping refugees admissions at less than half set by President Obama)

From Friday to Saturday night (pretty much the hardest time to get people to show up to anything except a happy hour), protests erupted at airports and in the streets nationwide.

A New York federal judge ordered a stay. Others judges followed. Thousands of volunteer lawyers arrived at airports to locate detainees and secure their release. They're still there.

How to help if you're a lawyer

The International Refugee Assistance Project is organizing lawyers to go to airports nationwide. Fill out this Google doc, and be sure to let them know whether you're admitted to file habeas petitions in your local federal district court. 

If you're in California, you can also sign up with One Justice here.

At press time there is special need at JFK, LAX, SFO, MSP, and several other international airports. The needs are shifting by the hour and hundreds or thousands of refugees could arrive within the next 24 hours.

If you need more by-the-minute info about providing legal support at any airport, contact us directly.

How to find the next protest

Lots of protests are being organized in real time on Facebook. This list of Facebook pages from the weekend's events have ongoing discussions about the next ones.

If you don't see your city on the list, contact us directly and we'll try to connect you with the right folks.

** If you're not a US citizen (even if you have a green card or work visa), many lawyers say to avoid airport protests. Federal authorities at airports can hold people arrested indefinitely and without an attorney.

If you're in DC, join members of Congress at a rally on the Supreme Court stepstonight at 6pm ET.

Indivisible is hosting an emergency conference call tonight at 9pm ET.  RSVP here.

MoveOn is continuing its Trump Tuesday actions on ... yup, Tuesday.

If you know of others, please send us tips.

How to find out where your member of Congress stands

Friday's executive order has Congress buzzing today.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer will ask for a repeal vote on the floor of the Senate this evening, and Senator Dianne Feinstein has already drafted legislation rescinding the order.

Congresswoman Grace Meng is expected to introduce legislation barring congressional funds to implement Trump's executive orders.

Senators Tammy Duckworth and Dick Durbin are demanding an investigation into the Department of Homeland Security's response to the federal court stay of Trump's order.

Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham earned a mean tweet from Trump after they called his executive order a "self-inflicted wound."

But as of yesterday afternoon, only 34 of 292 Republican members of Congress issued any statement opposing the Trump order. You can call the Capitol switchboard to ask why: 202.224.3121.

How to help get you and all your coworkers a half-day

It's not just Uber vs. Lyft. Lots of powerful people and institutions have normalized Trump through their neutrality. But there comes a time when silence is betrayal.

Only 2 of Trump's 19 CEO advisors have denounced his refugee order. Silicon Valley CEOs are beginning to shift. As is the whole state of California.

Call upon leadership of the place you work, study, pray, and shop to speak out against the refugee order

Encourage them to condemn the refugee order publicly (not just in an internal staff meeting or memo)

If they need inspiration, point them to leadership statements from a wide range of institutions. The Seattle airport authority, the NY Taxi Workers Alliance, the University of Michigan and the University of Notre Dame, and many faith leaders have already spoken out forcefully. 

Starbucks says it will hire 10,000 refugees and Lyft says it will donate $1 million to the ACLU. Ford Motor Company is standing up against the executive order. Today the Googlers went crazy, walking out of work and rallying worldwide with their CEO. Fortunately the internet still worked.

These unprecedented acts of resistance by large institutions are making a difference. Drop a note in the idea box where you work urging your CEO to stand publicly against the Muslim ban.

One prominent CEO, Elon Musk, hasn't picked a side. But he did tweet an invitation for ideas to bring to his upcoming meeting with Trump: "Please read immigration order. Lmk specific amendments. Will seek advisory council consensus & present to President." Anything you'd like to tell him? also has a list of companies to consider boycotting because of their relationship with Trump.

How to build support for sanctuary cities

Mijente is hosting petitions pressing cities big and small to identify as sanctuary cities. Find yours here.

How to support the groups frantically trying to protect immigrants and refugees

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) brought the first case leading to a stay (before hero US District Judge Ann Donnelly). Now is a great time to become a card carrying member.

If you'd prefer to donate to groups with smaller budgets, consider these:

National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
National Immigration Law Center
United We Dream
Define American
Immigrant Legal Resource Center
Council on American Islamic Relations
Islamic Society of North America
National Council of La Raza
Desis Rising Up and Moving
Asian American Justice Center
National Immigration Project
Black Alliance for Just Immigration
Make the Road
National Day Laborer Organizing Network
New York Immigration Coalition
National Domestic Workers Alliance
International Refugee Assistance Project

I'm Not Racist, But ...

I'm Not Racist, But ...

Guess We'll Just Use Word of Mouth

Guess We'll Just Use Word of Mouth