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How to Help Get Justice for Stephon Clark

How to Help Get Justice for Stephon Clark

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Updated:  April 4.

Say his name:  Stephon Clark.

On March 18, Sacramento police shot and killed the 22 year old unarmed Black father of two, in his grandmother's backyard.

They said they were looking for someone breaking car windows.

The police fired 20 bullet and struck him eight times.  An autopsy ordered by Mr. Clark's family found that six of those bullet wounds were in his back.

After the shooting was recorded by police body cameras, one of the officers said "hey, mute" and turned off the audio recording.

This isn't the first case of brutality at the hands of Sacramento police.

In 2016, Sacramento police killed a mentally ill, 51 year old Black man named Joseph Mann.  Before shooting Mr. Mann, officers driving in pursuit attempted to run him over with their patrol car.  They were recorded saying "F*** this guy, I'm going to hit him" and "Okay, go for it."

In 2017, a Sacramento police officer was filmed tackling, beating, and arresting a Black man named Nandi Cain, Jr.  Mr. Cain's alleged crime: jaywalking.  Video footage of the incident immediately sparked protests.

Something has to change in Sacramento.

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How to help stop police brutality in Sacramento

Follow the hashtags #Stephon Clark, #SayHisName, and #JusticeForZoe on Twitter.

Donate to the family of Stephon Clark.  (Update: the campaign goal has been met.)

Urge Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg (on Twitter or by calling 916.808.5300, to immediately investigate the officers' actions and hold them accountable.

Do you live in Sacramento?  Update:  The Sacramento chapter of Black Lives Matter has led weeks of protests, including shutting down freeways and Sacramento Kings basketball games.  The next one:  a free, potluck BBQ at District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert's office (on Tues. April 10 at 3pm) to demand accountability.  Participants will then march to City Hall at 5pm.  Sacramento Black Lives Matter also runs a police abuse hotline at 916.581.0118.

Sign the Color of Change petition calling on Sacramento District Attorney Schubert (who has a track record of declining to prosecute police officers) to indict the police who killed Mr. Clark.

Support the Build Black Coalition, formed in the wake of the shooting through a partnership between community activists and Sacramento Kings players.

Also:  the California Department of Justice will lead the investigation into Stephon Clark's killing by police.  The Trump Administration, of course, won't do a thing about police brutality.  Read CNN's refresher on why federal consent decrees were ordered for other police departments during the Obama years.  They need to be reinstated when the Trump era is finally over.

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