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How to Help Save Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's Job

How to Help Save Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's Job

Looking to hire someone with a deep background in the law?  We know just the candidate.


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein may soon be job hunting:  CNN reports that the Trump White House is developing talking points to describe Mr. Rosenstein as "too conflicted to fairly oversee the Russia investigation".  That would seem to be corroborated by the talking points of pretty much every Trump supporter who appeared on Fox News last night.  And this morning, Mr. Rosenstein himself told his colleagues at the Department of Justice that he was prepared to be fired.

Why this matters:  After Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, Mr. Rosenstein was next in line.  He appointed Robert Mueller to the role of Special Counsel for the Russia investigation.  So far, that hasn't worked out awesomely for Trump.

Mr. Mueller is tightening the screws on Trump:  On Monday, on a referral from Mueller's team, the FBI raided the office and hotel room of Trump's personal lawyer (well, fixer), Michael Cohen.  Yesterday, as reported by NBC News, Mr. Mueller's team has also come to 4 main findings regarding Trump's likely obstruction of justice.  They include:

  • Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey.
  • Trump's role in writing Don Jr.'s statement about what happened in a 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with Russians.
  • Trump's signals to his allies that he could pardon them if they refused to fold to Mueller (see also: today's news of Trump's pardon of Lewis Scooter Libby, the George W. Bush Administration official convicted of perjury in the investigation into the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame).
  • Trump's pressing AG Jeff Sessions to not recuse himself from the investigation into Trump/Russia ties.

There's one person standing between Mr. Trump and Mr. Mueller:  You guessed it.  Rod Rosenstein.

How to help stop a 2018 Saturday Night Massacre

Call your Senator and your Representative (202.224.3121) to urge them to vocalize their support for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's job security.

While you have them on the phone, express your support for urgent passage of legislation protecting Mueller's investigation.  There are two Senate bills (S. 1735 and S. 1741) and one House bill (H.R. 3771).  Indivisible has a great phone script and guide for visiting your representative's office.

Visit, where groups are planning a rapid response to the possible firing of Mr. Mueller.  More than 300,000 people have already RSVPd to 800+ scheduled emergency events.

Have you previously worked at the Department of Justice?  Join DOJ alumni like Sally Yates (the former Acting Attorney General fired by Trump) in signing this open letter regarding Mr. Rosenstein and Mr. Mueller.

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