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How to Help Defend DACA

How to Help Defend DACA

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DREAMers protected by the DACA program just won a major battle in the ongoing fight over immigration policy.

A federal judge on Tuesday ruled that the Trump administration must continue to accept applications for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a federal program that protects young, undocumented immigrants from deportation.

The administration has 90 days to respond to the court order and better explain why DACA should be terminated. If the government fails to do so, then it must begin accepting new applications to DACA, potentially impacting thousands of DREAMers.

President Donald Trump first moved to phase out DACA last fall, while top administration officials argued that the Obama-era program was unlawful. Federal Judge John D. Bates of the District Court for the District of Columbia, however, was not convinced. In his ruling on Tuesday, Bates called the administration’s logic “arbitrary” because it “failed adequately to explain its conclusion that the program was unlawful.”

This marks the third time the administration has been blocked in its efforts to end DACA. But the fight isn’t over.

In the meantime, immigration advocates are scrambling to spread the word.

You can help.

How to help defend DACA and spread the good word about the ruling

Learn more about DACA.

Vox has a great explainer.

Learn more about what this DACA ruling means for immigration policy. 

These two Twitter threads have analysis.

If you're a DACA recipient, find out what this ruling means for you.  

Read United We Dream’s explainer here.

DACA hashtags are trending.

Follow #HereToStay, #DefendDACA, #DefendDREAMers, #StopDeportations, #Not1More, #ProtectDREAMers and #CleanDreamAct to help spread the word, find stories from DREAMers, and get updates on what’s next for DACA.

Connect with and support the NAACP.

The civil rights organization brought the DACA lawsuit, as well as other groups fighting for DREAMers in court, including CASA de Maryland and the ACLU.

Join United We Dream’s work for immigration reform.

Text HERETOSTAY at 877877. You can also connect with groups like the National Immigration Forum, America’s Voice, Define American, 18MillionRising and the National Immigration Law Center.

United We Dream has also set up a hotline if you need help during immigration enforcement.

If you need help, call 844.363.1423.

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