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How to Stop the Sinclair Broadcast Takeover

How to Stop the Sinclair Broadcast Takeover

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The Sinclair broadcast takeover may have already gobbled up your local TV news station.  But if not yet, soon!

In its seeming quest for world domination (or to become Trump TV), Sinclair Broadcasting, the largest holding company of broadcast television stations in the United States, now has aspirations to close its acquisition of Tribune Media for a cool $3.9 billion.

However, in order to ease concerns that this merger would establish a local news monopoly, both of these companies have agreed to sell 23 stations to competitors such as 21st Century Fox, Standard Media Group, and Howard Stirk.

Slight problem though: while the FCC forbids a single company from owning a collection of stations that reach more than 39 percent of American households, this deal would still allow Sinclair Broadcast Group to claim dominion over 72 percent of them.

How scary is a media monopoly for American democracy?  It could mean a lot more of this:

But how exactly?

While Sinclair will no longer have an ownership stake in major markets such as Chicago or New York, its influence will remain. Because per Sinclair’s FCC filing, it has every intention of utilizing an “options and services agreement” in order to continue running the stations it unloads. Additionally, the method in which the FCC calculates audience reach is antiquated. So guess who’s taking advantage of that as well?

If you prefer truly local news over partisan talking points and other propaganda, here are some things you can do to stop the Sinclair-Tribune merger.

How to help stop the Sinclair Broadcast takeover of Tribune Media (and pretty much ever local TV news station)

Sign a petition to protect local, independent news.  

Take your pick of petitions hosted by MoveOn, Allied Progress, Free Press, Demand Progress, and Common Cause.

Donate to Allied Progress.

The group is driving a campaign to stop Sinclair’s proposed merger and challenging the FCC to intervene.  You can donate here.

Call your US representative to voice your opposition to this merger.

5 Calls will determine your location, provide you with a script, and connect you with the your representative.

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