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Yes, There’s Still Time to Save Net Neutrality

Yes, There’s Still Time to Save Net Neutrality

In a last-ditch effort to spare us all from the imminent doom of an unequal Internet, Democrats in Congress will attempt to reinstate net neutrality by forcing a Senate vote on Wednesday.

Democrats needed to increase their numbers in order to preserve the Obama-era net neutrality policies already in place. But in light of Sen. John McCain’s absence from Congress as he  battles brain cancer, and Republican Susan Collins’ status as an ardent supporter of Al Gore’s magnum opus, all that the Dems needed to do was bust out their calculators and do the math.

Thanks to some slick procedural moves, Democrat’s now have the numbers to win a slim, yet still decisive 50-49 vote.

But before we hurl confetti and binge on Netflix comedy specials, it’s important to note that the Republican-controlled House might not even vote on this issue. Also keep in mind that the White House backs the FCC net neutrality repeal — the same repeal that started this mess back in December.

If any of this sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve discussed this before. But while it’s not too late to save our beloved open Internet, now (as in right now) would be the opportune time to get involved. It’s urgent.

Want a glimpse into what our new reality could entail?  

This rundown from Mashable is a great place to start.

Join protests that are sprouting up all over the country this week

So find one near and dear to your heart (and apartment) and get involved.

Call your member of Congress and urge them to save net neutrality

Those 50 votes I just told you about aren’t guaranteed. Tell your representative about the Congressional Review Act before the FCC finalizes its repeal. You can reach them through the Capitol switchboard 202.224.3121 or via the Battle for the Net's awesome calling tool (Battle for the Net's scoreboard will show you exactly where your representative stands). You can also tweet at them with the hashtag #OneMoreVote.

Drop some change in the collection plates of groups fighting the good fight

Fight for the Future (and its online Break the Internet protest), the Free Press Action Fund and Defiant (and their #RIPInternet campaign), and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, are all working to save net neutrality.

Push your state to take a stand of its own

Do you live in California? State legislators are trying to restore net neutrality, as Oregon's leaders just did. Find your California state legislator's number here and support their efforts to keep the Kardashians' entire clan—and yours—connected.

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