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Help Reunite Immigrant Families

Help Reunite Immigrant Families

The bitter outrage over its family separation policy at the U.S.-Mexico border is far from over for the Trump administration.

Though the president pledged last week to end the disastrous policy of tearing immigrant children away from their parents, a federal judge now has a strict timeline for when the administration must reunite those families.  

This comes as protests continue to pop up across the country (including a “nurse-in” by concerned moms), and as the public shifts its attention toward the more than 2,000 immigrant children who are still waiting to see their parents again.

Many more rallies are planned through the weekend. Here are some ways to keep the pressure on the self-described party of “family values.”

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#FamiliesBelongTogether, #EndFamilyDetention, #AbolishICE

Protest the separation of families

Wed. June 27 in Tornillo, Texas: United We Dream is organizing direct action in the El Paso County border town of Tornillo, where the federal government has built a tent city detaining 4,000 migrants. You can donate to their bail fund here.

Thurs. June 28 in Washington, D.C.: The Women’s March and partner groups are leading massive civil disobedience. You can sign up to participate here.

Sat. June 30 in more than 600 cities: Hundreds of thousands of people will protest in every U.S. state. You’ll find a full list of events at or

Mon. July 2 in San Diego, California: Mijente is organizing direct action to protest family separation. You can sign up here.

Urge airlines to not participate in the separation of families

As videos like this go viral, several airlines — including United, American, Alaska, Frontier, Southwest, and Spirit — have pledged not to fly separated family members from border states like Texas and Arizona to elsewhere in the United States or to their home countries. (Delta also issued a statement following Trump’s executive order.) Now pressure is on JetBlue and Allegiant Airlines to follow suit.

You can tweet your concern to JetBlue and Allegiant. Need a script? Take inspiration from the words of the national flight attendants’ union:

“Flight attendants are first responders. We take pride in the job we do to connect people, bring families together, and serve as ambassadors of freedom as we fly to every corner of the earth. When we see someone in distress, we want to help. The Association of Flight Attendants condemns any action to purposefully separate children from their parents.”

Oh, and Greyhound too

Advocates are urging the company to stop letting Border Patrol agents board and search its buses. Greyhound is under no legal obligation to allow agents on board. You can tweet your thoughts to Greyhound here.

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