Our Team


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Chris Vaeth

Chris is the co-founder and CEO of How to Help. He was part of the founding team at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau during the Obama Administration, and he has worked across the nonprofit sector for social justice.

Twitter: @cvaethDetroit, MI.


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Amanda Sakuma

Amanda is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of How to Help. She previously worked as a national reporter at NBC News and MSNBC. Amanda’s work has also appeared in The Atlantic, ThinkProgress, the Houston Chronicle and The New York Times.

Twitter: @iamsakumaBrooklyn, NY.



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Jay Connor

Innovator-in-Chief of  The Extraordinary Negroes podcast. Church hugs & yellow lights are his mortal enemies. 

Twitter: @deathtoadverbs.  Los Angeles, CA.

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Amanda Werner

America's favorite photobomber (yes, Monopoly Man). Host of one of Reddit's most popular AMAs of all time. Transmasculine & queer, they/them pronouns.

Twitter: @wamandajd. Washington, D.C.

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Erika Lindsey

Urban planner and lover of maps and movies.

Twitter: @erikamlindsey. Brooklyn, NY.