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How to Help: The Last Sip, Episode Five, May 13

How to Help: The Last Sip, Episode Five, May 13

Happy Mother's Day!

On today's episode of The Last Sip, host Imara Jones looks at the state of electoral politics in 2018.

Checking in with the candidates

Ben Jealous previously led the NAACP. Imara talks with him about his candidacy for Governor of Maryland.

Imara also speaks with Deb Haaland about her candidacy for New Mexico's First Congressional District. A Native American woman has not sat in Congress since the founding of the United States of America, and Deb Haaland is trying to change that.

Catching up with Hannah Allam

On the 2016 campaign trail, candidate Donald Trump frequently trashed the Iran nuclear deal. His rhetoric came full circle this week when he pulled the United States out of the deal.

Imara talks with Buzzfeed national reporter Hannah Allam about how Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hostility played out in the 2016 presidential election - from Trump's 'America First' rhetoric to a promise of a Muslim ban -and how this may have propelled many Muslim Americans to run for office.

Hannah also discusses her recent study (along with her colleague Talal Ansari) tallying states where elected officials have made anti-Muslim statements or passed legislation targeting Muslims. The troubling total: 49 out of 50.

Check out more of Hannah Allam's work at Buzzfeed and on Twitter.

How to help stop Islamophobia

Follow #NoMuslimBanEver on Twitter for updates.

Connect with and support groups working to combat Islamophobia, including MPower Change, Muslim AdvocatesUnited Against the Muslim Ban, the Justice for Muslims Collective, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

How to help get good people (including yourself) elected

Last year, Emily's List launched Run to Win, a national recruitment program to get pro-choice Democratic women elected, especially at the state and local level. Here's their pitch: "So you’ve laced up your shoes and marched. You’ve fired off emails and posts. And you’ve got your congressional leaders on speed dial. ... What's next? We need you to Run to Win." Get in touch with them if you're interested in running or helping other women run. hosts regional events to get good people to run for office or support those who do. The next one is in Philadelphia, PA on September 7-8.

Run for Something is recruiting and supporting talented, passionate under-35 year-olds who will advocate for progressive values now and in the future.

The New American Leaders Project is the only national, nonpartisan organization focused on bringing New Americans into the political process. Their main goal is to identify and support first- or second-generation immigrants to run for office. You can apply to their upcoming training programs in Las Vegas, NV (June 22–24) and Seattle, WA (July 20–22).

Check out lots more ways to do something about the day's news on How to Help's main page.

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