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If you're like us, your digital life is one big, fast news feed. Some of this news is messed up. How to Help works in the news cycle to connect you with ways to do something about the day's big stories.

 How to Help: The Last Sip, Episode Nine, June 10

How to Help: The Last Sip, Episode Nine, June 10

This episode marks the finale of the pilot season of The Last Sip, and host Imara Jones offers some heartfelt words for viewers.

Immigration, Detention, and Family Separation

First, Imara talks immigration policy with Jorge Rivas, National Affairs Correspondent at Splinter News. Jorge explains why the Splinter newsroom doesn't use the word "dreamer" to describe undocumented youth, how a human rights crisis is unfolding at the border, and reports of some detainees in private facilities being forced to work for low or no pay.

Follow Jorge on Twitter at @ThisIsJorge and check out Jorge's writing here.

Want to impact what's happening at the border?

Sign this petition calling on the Trump Administration to immediately end its practice of tearing immigrant kids away from their parents.

Or if you have a couple more minutes, call Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen (202.282.8000) and Attorney General Jeff Sessions (202.353.1555) to urge them to keep families together. The ACLU has a helpful script you can use.

Also: connect with and support United We DreamDefine AmericanReform Immigration for AmericaInternational Refugee Assistance ProjectNational Immigration Law Center, and many other groups working to stop the separation of families.

Diversity in Technology

Imara chats with Katrina Jones (Director of HR & Inclusion at Vimeo), and Princess Ojiaku (scientist and writer) about the lack of diversity in technology, from workforces to online representation.

Check out Princess's recent article in Vice's Broadly, "Women of Color are Using VR to Imagine a More Inclusive World". One of the initiatives she profiles is Hyphen-Labs' work "to create an empathetic, digital environment centering black female experience." You can learn more here about Hyphen-Labs and their international team of women of color working at the intersection of technology, art, science, and the future.

You can also follow Katrina and Princess on Twitter at @KatrinaJones and @ArtfulAction.

Want to help promote diversity in the tech sector?

Connect with and support groups working to build a diverse pipeline into tech, like Women Who TechCode2040Black Girls CodeCodeNowGirls Who Code, and Digital Undivided.

The Black Travel Movement

Black travelers spend more than $50 billion going to new places and seeing new things (in the words of Imara, "like Kanye in Wyoming" :) 

Imara talks travel with Renee Jackson, President of Ladybug Media, who took a year off to travel the world.

Want to get inspired to pack your bags? Check out Black Travel Movement and Travel Noire.

Women and Philanthropy

Only 7 cents of every philanthropic dollar go to programs that support women and girls.

Imara interviews Ana Oliveira, President & CEO of the New York Women's Foundation, about diversity in philanthropy, how foundations make funding decisions, and the New York Women's Foundation's recent announcement of its major investment in Tarana Burke's "me too. movement", which was founded a decade before the hashtag went viral.

In Ana's words: "[Tarana Burke] is an incredible leader who is a Black woman, who was not seen in her leadership and her work 10 years ago. Imagine where the world could be now if that had happened."

You can learn more about and support the work of the New York Women's Foundation here, and Tarana Burke's me.too movement here.

Check out lots more ways to do something about the day's news on How to Help's main page.

How to Help: The Last Sip, Episode Eight, June 3

How to Help: The Last Sip, Episode Eight, June 3